Balkan beats, Klezmer stylings, and serious good times define the music of Oakland-based band Hernandez Hideaway. Playing the Bay and beyond since 2009, this band is always working hard to find that sweet spot where traditional meets modern. Bottoms up: bass (Dan Harrison), accordion (Tim Phillips), trombone (Sam Hernandez), saxophone (Claire Phillips), and voice (Lucie Duffort). 

New EP Release!
Squeeze This


Squeeze This is a five-tune EP diving into themes of heartbreak, frustration, aliens, thinly veiled social commentary, and very very difficult mornings. We are proud to be showcasing many of our original tunes (compositions and lyrics) as the magical collaboration of this chosen-family band continues to evolve.

This EP features Claire Phillips on saxophones, Dan Harrison on bass, Nao Nakazawa on violin and mandolin, Lucie Duffort on voice, Sam Hernandez on trombone, Tim Phillips on accordion, and special guest Marlon Aldana on drums for some key tunes.  Squeeze This was recorded at Dime Studios and mixed & mastered at Megasonic Sound, and is available on all your favorite streaming platforms. Please shoot us a message, let us know what you think!

Latest Music Video!
Morning After Bulgar

Some mornings are not easy.

Some mornings are about coaxing your aching body vertical, accompanied by melody memories of carousing and gleeful frivolity. Some mornings linger last night’s laughter and oompah at the edges of your brain even as you refill the shell of your waking self with coffee and coconut water. Some mornings are puzzles that piece together flashes of friends and celebration and the previous night’s debauchery.

Some mornings are mornings after.